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VECHS Application 2019-2020


How is a student admitted?

Admittance to the program is based upon completion of a student application and through a recommendation process. This will include: a personal essay, CAASPP scores, previous academic achievement, and completion of a panel interview. Applicants should have an overall GPA of 2.5 – 4.0, CAASPP scores in the "Met Standards." category or above, the ability to read at or above the ninth grade level, consistent attendance and responsible student behavior. Application to the program is open to all students, regardless of school of residence. Students will be selected based on desire, commitment, test scores, grades, and overall fit for the program.


Students who are applying for VECHS as their school of first choice for the next school year should register for Will C. Wood High School or Vacaville High School (assuming one of these two is their second choice) while they are waiting to find out if they have been accepted in the VECHS program. Upon acceptance into the program, all students will need to be registered at Will C. Wood High School. If you do not reside in the WCW attendance area, an intradistrict agreement will need to be completed (this detail will be completed at an acceptance meeting in May).


For more information, see the enrollment packet on the left. Application packets for the 2018-2019 school year are linked to the left. Applications were due by March 29, 2018 and have now closed. 

Who should apply?

The most common characteristics of students who will be successful are those committed to learning, enthusiastic about an academic challenge, willing to do homework, able to self-manage, and having a desire to earn a college degree. Students in this program will have access to the services and activities at both Will C. Wood High School and Solano Community College.